This is bullshit!

This is from an online petition against TLC’s Tattoo School show that we want to share with our clients and people that follow our blog. We can’t really talk about it anymore at the shop because it has put us all in such a bad mood. We can not stress enough to people whether you get tattooed by us or another reputable shop, it is important to get work in a clean and professional environment. Not only will you get a bad tattoo by someone that thinks they can tattoo because they have a piece of shit machine, and watch tv to learn how to tattoo, you are also putting your health at risk. I don’t know any profession that is worth being in that you can learn to do in 2 weeks! We understand there are shows and business “connected” to this industry that we don’t approve of but this is different. This is encouraging a new generation of people to fail, and disrespect the history and professionalism we have all protected and worked for, and making it accessible to anyone with a TV. These shows water down what this business was, and are making it seem like something anyone that is interested in tattoos can do. We all worked so hard to get the chance and opportunity to learn our trade, our mom and dad didn’t call up a school and pay a tuition for a 2 week course. This is such bullshit!  -Danielle Distefano

“We as a shop are part of a Boycott against TLC’s “Tattoo School” show. It is an insult to our profession to promote learning our skills in 2 weeks. Disrespectful to all tattoo artists. Artists will unite to boycott show and advertisers supporting this show. Some of the Reasons Behind the Outrage Towards TLC, Tattoo School and All Advertiser Supporting this Show are: In 2 Weeks Time to be considered a Quality Amount of Time to Learning How to Tattoo is Outrageous. That is NO WAY is Enough Time Is Be Taught Proper Education About Bloodborne Pathogens and Cross Contaminations Including How to Tattoo. It is A Huge Health Risk Issue which can turn into an Epidemic if Not Taken Seriously. Health and Safety is a Huge Concern for Any Professional Tattoo Artist and Tattoo Shop. Safety is a MUST in a Tattoo Shop. Especially dealing with peoples health as well as the Artists Safety too. It’s a Health Department Concern which Each State Has It’s Own Regulations and Requirements That Must Be Followed. Not to Mention in the Tattoo Community there is a process which needs to be followed like Paying Your Dues. That might not be something which everyone can understand if you are not in the industry but to those of us who are, it is about Respect for the Craft, Talent, Our Mentors Who Led the Way, Passion and Respect. Paying Your Dues is Earning the Right to Call Yourself a Tattoo Artist. It’s Not an Easy Road But Anything in Life Worth It Is Not Meant To Be Easy. We Work Hard and It’s An Honor To Call Ourselves a Tattoo Artist. Please Show Your Support to the Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Shops Who Have Led the Way and Take This as Insult and Health Concern. Thank You For Your Support”

If you are interested in the petition. Here is the link it is spelled wrong on the ad.

danielleJuly 9, 2011 - 3:29 pm

should work now. thanks

ChristyJuly 9, 2011 - 2:43 pm

The link isn’t working for me…

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