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  • Come drop some canned goods by the shop!

    So its been a while since we made a post on the blog. We will definitely be posting weekly so keep an eye out. Come drop by the shop and donate some goods to the atlanta community food drive. Below you’ll see a list of what is needed most! We’ve also got plenty of gift…

  • Everyone watch Andrew’s stand up!

    Its been a while since I posted on the blog. Heres an awesome post to come back with. This is one of our very loyal customers Andrews stand up. Its was his first ever live performance and he NAILED it! Take a few minutes and watch it, you wont be disappointed. It had me dying…

  • New tattoos and skateboarding

    I’m back again for my weekly post! Here are three new tattoos from Matt, Danielle and Charles…And my favorite video part from Jason Lee. Video days! check it out Matt Danielle   Charles Jason lee in Video Days!   Thanks for checking out the blog once again! -Hank

  • Some new cool tattoos from Charles

    Hey y’all, This is my first post on here. I’ll be posting every week with something new so be sure to check back on the blog -The shop guy, Hank

  • some new tattoos

    As a shop we have been busy working and trying to share everything we do. We don’t want to forget about the blog, but with instagram we have been busy posting on there because of how fast and easy it is. It also reaches out to a lot of people within our industry. Checking out…