pierced hearts by danielle distefano

Eli has been getting tattooed  at the shop for a while now, really since before we even took the cardboard down from the windows. He always has great ideas. This one was just as personal if not more for him. Eli had a heartache, and it’s hard  to hear about anyone you know going through that, especially a friend of the shop. We waited a year to the date to represent the day, but did choose to leave out the date which was 4.20. He actually called to cancel an appointment he had for another tattoo because he had the heartache, we couldn’t believe it, but are now happy that he is healthy and making some changes that will keep him that way. The tattoo is on his chest, and represents what they had to do to cure him. danielle

EliSeptember 7, 2011 - 3:22 pm

D! Just found that you posted this now. It’s as awesome now as it was right after you finished it. Also it was more painful than any of the other ones, but it represents something so painful and important to me. For those who were wondering about the “heartache” – I had a heart attack. Still a non-smoker too!

Love you guys!


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