tattoos for ladies

i have been so excited to do these tattoos on jodi. she made an appointment awhile ago to get these little filler designs into her sleeve. life gets in the way and it’s been over a year that these drawings were sitting around waiting for her. amazingly i never lost the drawings and knew that she would be getting them one day. well, we are not done and she will be getting more little girly things to completely her arm soon. we did these 3 designs and a little fan (not photographed here) all in one day, (i know i got nothing on charles and his 9 tattoos in a day) but my client would have sat longer if i had the time. the brass knuckles are in her ditch, and the perfume bottle goes into her armpit! she is determined to finish her left arm after years of getting it worked by different artists. i do like the girly tattoos i’m not even going to pretend i’m too tough for them. danielle

MaryellenMay 24, 2016 - 10:29 pm

I love Jon’s older brother attitude towards &#;2a08R2dar” in that interview… only thing is, the recording stopped when they finally got to asking Jon questions!Ah yes, that good ol’ list of Things NOT To Do At A Switchfoot Concert! I’ve read through it many times. Let’s see… my contribution from my own concert experiences would be this: do NOT play/sing Chris Tomlin songs while waiting for the guys to come out of the tour bus after a show. Stick with Switchfoot tunes – that is why you’re there, isn’t it?

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