coop’s new tattoo

coop has a lot of great tattoos. not all starting with great ideas but we have worked it out and come up with the designs we are both proud of. today i completely ignored what he wanted to get. not on purpose, but i was really happy with what i drew up for him, and talked him into doing it the way i had drawn it. i feel really lucky to have clients that are trusting of my vision. he could have said no. my drawings are not always the way people want their tattoo to look like, which i’m completely fine with. i will re draw or reschedule an appointment to give everyone what they want, but as trusting as coop is with me it’s the same on my side. i know that it’s not his first tattoo and that i can be really honest with him. that really comes with people getting tattooed regularly and it’s really nice to have that type of relationship. i hope coop will continue to come back even though he is moving away soon. it’s always a good hang. thanks! danielle


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