Month: September 2010

  • River boat reaches the mark twain

    A loyal customer of mine came through and requested a tattoo symbolic of his roots in Tennessee. River boats are common in his neck of the woods so we went with it. Get loose, chip it up chop it up . charles

  • cute owl

    In the best of atlanta creative loafing this week they mentioned my owl tattoos. “…Distefano’s adorable owls have us itching to roll up our pant leg and place ourselves under the gun.” Well before this issue came out Ashley asked me to work out a design for a stylized owl, something that was a little…

  • best tattoo studio in atlanta

    We won! Creative Loafing in Atlanta has voted us critics pick for best tattoo studio 2010. We have really worked hard to build a reputation in Atlanta, and it’s an honor to be named best tattoo studio by some people that really know what they are talking about. We opened the shop in 2009 and…

  • Lady head

    Can’t go wrong with a rose and a lady.

  • in nyc

    I’m not in Atlanta this week, I came back home to NYC to visit some friends and family, and tattoo. I’ve built up a good client base up here but don’t make it back up much to work, now with the shop in Atlanta open. It’s a nice break even if I’m working most of…