Month: May 2011

  • Been a minute

    I haven’t been posting much as of late, my bad. Here are some more recent tattoos in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy,and thanks for looking. charles    

  • pierced hearts by danielle distefano

    Eli has been getting tattooed  at the shop for a while now, really since before we even took the cardboard down from the windows. He always has great ideas. This one was just as personal if not more for him. Eli had a heartache, and it’s hard  to hear about anyone you know going through…

  • red head lady by danielle

    luke is awesome, and i love this hot lady on his arm. it was such a fun tattoo and we are not done. we are going to fill in some other traditional images to give him a complete sleeve. this boy can sit, this was one long sunday session. enjoy, danielle

  • Bearded Lady, by Matt Greenhalgh

    Just did this tattoo on Saturday.  Had lots of fun with this one, good ideas good clients, cant ask for much more than that, well maybe some time to eat lunch, but other then that it was a perfect day. Thanks go out to Raquel and Brian for bringing me some fun projects. Matt