brittany’s finished lady

brittany has been one of my best friends for a while now. we started this tattoo a while ago when she was visiting from salt lake city. she was back in town for our friday the 13th party. we got to finish this pretty lady right before she left. she sat like the badass mom that she is, and i’m real happy with the tattoo. she only gets black and grey tattoos which i love to do and don’t always get the chance, this is one of brittany’s larger tattoos, on her back/ribs area and defiantly a 2 session piece. i always look forward to seeing her, and tattooing her. this was right after so the little bit of redness will go away and some of the grey will settle in a lot more after the next few weeks. black and grey tattoos age real nice when they settle into the skin even after a month of healing they can change their contrast and soften up a lot. love you girl. thanks for always having great ideas. danielle


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  1. Brittany Evans Avatar
    Brittany Evans

    What an amazing woman! I am always overjoyed with Danielles work, it has healed beautifully and I can’t wait for my next piece. thank you for being awesome D!

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