atlanta heart

so for a long time my friend matt and i have talked about tattooing him. i knew it would happen even if it took 4 years. he did get a little friday the 13th tattoo in that time, but this was the first real tattoo that took more than 10 mins. it’s great to see matt really happy with his new life, married and with a new baby. even though he doesn’t live in atlanta anymore it does still hold a special place in his heart. hence the tattoo. i think after my 5 years of living here i need to get an atlanta tattoo as well, which is coming up. ┬ádanielle

AgusMarch 16, 2014 - 3:41 am

the significance of the lveeas, I would’ve figured it out. I am also old enough to know exactly what your 2nd tattoo is. In fact, I was an expert at using one of those before the age of 5: I had an aunt that gave me her hand me downs , a collection that she was too grown up for when her tastes changed in the late ’60s. (Trying not give away what the tatt is ..

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