Year: 2010

  • feathers down, we come in peace

    A customer came in the other day and asked me if there was something I would prefer to do. It’s always hard to think of stuff on the spot but I came up with a peaceful indian lady head. shits tight. thanks hay. charles 

  • tattoos for ladies

    i have been so excited to do these tattoos on jodi. she made an appointment awhile ago to get these little filler designs into her sleeve. life gets in the way and it’s been over a year that these drawings were sitting around waiting for her. amazingly i never lost the drawings and knew that…

  • Bent back girl by Matt Greenhalgh

    I did this bent back girl for Justin from East Side Lounge. Justin gets tattooed over here a bunch and we love having him come by. Justin wouldn’t make a good ninja because you usually hear him coming before you see him, but he’s super nice and gets tons of fun tattoos so no complaints…

  • half day half sleeves

    so my buddy wes set up some time to try and jam out as many tattoos as we could in one day. I think we ended up with a count of 13 or so. ged laced. charles

  • coop’s new tattoo

    coop has a lot of great tattoos. not all starting with great ideas but we have worked it out and come up with the designs we are both proud of. today i completely ignored what he wanted to get. not on purpose, but i was really happy with what i drew up for him, and…