Category: Matt Greenhalgh

  • Phoenix by Matt Greenhalgh

    I finished this Tattoo for Carol a while back and I figured it’s about time to put it up. i cant say enough about Carol she is such great client and she can sit like a champ. We had so much fun watching this tattoo come together. we just finished outlining a dragon on the…

  • New Tattoo by Matt Greenhalgh

    I finished this girl with day of the dead make up on just the other day. Had lots of fun with this one.

  • Fox Sketch by Matt Greenhalgh

    I was working on this drawing of a fox for Greg the other day and was having lots of fun with it. We outlined the tattoo and i cant wait to finish it up.

  • Dog Tattoo by Matt Greenhalgh

    I did this tattoo for my buddy Brandon when he lost his dog Opel D. I was really pleased with how it came out. RIP Opel.

  • Little bird tattoo by Matt Greenhalgh

    I did this bird a couple months ago and thought it turned out pretty cool. I had a great time, Mechee is a super sweet client she always has a neat idea, and i can tell she really enjoys having the tattoo, which makes me enjoy tattooing her. i love being able to see a…