Tag: rooster tattoo

  • Peacock by Matt Greenhalgh

    I finished this tattoo a couple months ago. I wanted to wait and get a healed photo before posting it. This was a fun one. Once again Meechie brought me a fun job and we had a great time getting this one together. Thanks Meechie.

  • Rooster and Boar

    There is a lot of history with these tattoos that dates back. The pig on one foot and the rooster on the other were believed to give a sailor the ability to walk on water if they had to abandon ship. This came from old lore of merchant ships that sank while carrying lives animals. The…

  • year of the rooster

    so when one of my best friends ricky came to visit me from boston, and said he wanted a rooster on his arm i was excited, but then to top it off he said he wanted to get the shop logo tattooed in there somewhere i was really moved. i still don’t have the logo…