friendship dagger

I did this tattoo on my good friend Meghan and her best friend Angela, that lives in Seattle. They just like cool tattoos and this was what we came up with. It’s always nice to add to someones collection of great work, and see what other artists are doing on the opposite coast. These two girls are awesome and i’m glad I got to tattoo their bff tattoos.


New Outline By Matt Greenhalgh

Geoff came up from Savannah last week to get this tattoo started, it was great to see him plus the tattoo was tons of fun there are some plans for the inside of his arm but this was it for now. i was happy with how things got started and can’t wait to work on this one again.

Thanks for checking in.  Matt

black and grey with a touch of yellow, by danielle distefano

I love doing black and grey tattoos, I was really happy how these turned out. Kim has a lot of colorful tattoos on both of her arms so we decided to add just the touch of yellow to the tips to tie in with her existing tattoos. There is actually more to the design it goes on to her back with a big celtic cross and rose cover up. This is not a healed photo so the grey’s should really settle into the skin more and lighten up over time.