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Ptolemy, Latin in full Claudius Ptolemaeus  (b. c. ad 100—d. c. 170), an Egyptian  astronomer, mathematician, and geographer of Greek descent who flourished in Alexandria during the 2nd century ad. In several fields his writings represent the culminating achievement of Greco-Roman science, particularly his geocentric (Earth-centred) of theuniverse now known as the Ptolemaic system

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Day of the Dead art show october 30th, 2010

Everything you need to know about this coffin art show is right here, art, food, sugar skull making and good live music. Danielle Distefano will have a piece in this years group show. It’s always a good time with a lot of great artists involved. Please come out and support local business and artists. If […]

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Rooster and Boar

There is a lot of history with these tattoos that dates back. The pig on one foot and the rooster on the other were believed to give a sailor the ability to walk on water if they had to abandon ship. This came from old lore of merchant ships that sank while carrying lives animals. The […]

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New Dragon Sleeve by Matt Greenhalgh

Just finished this tattoo on Brian. Right after Brian booked his first session he promptly moved to connecticut. so there were many plane tickets involved in the completion of this dragon. I also worked on this tattoo during a couple trips to Rhode Island while visiting friends at Art Freek Tattoo (that’s how they spell […]

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Phoenix Tattoo by Matt Greenhalgh

Got some healed photos of the Phoenix I did For Jason. Figured i would put up the sketch plus some in progress shots. Once again it was great to work with Jason and we walked away with something we are both very proud of. Thanks Jason

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