matty no times benefit art show

Matt Greenhalgh and Danielle Distefano have both donated paintings to this benefit opening tonight at yes gallery in brooklyn. if you are anywhere near this show you should go it’s for a great cause and Matty is a really good friend of ours. this show is going to be amazing! we all wish we could be there for the opening all the artwork is under $350. the list below of artist is packed with the best tattoo artists in this industry. tell your friends to go you will not be disappointed. this is a benefit with all proceeds going to Matty’s medical bills!


On September 9 2009 he went into the emergency room after noticing that his legs had become severely swollen.  Within 3 hours, after multiple blood tests, he was informed that he was in liver failure!
After a month and a half of grueling tests they determined that his liver was beyond repair and put him on the liver transplant list.
Like many of us, he did not have health insurance at the time and they wouldn’t do the transplant without it. Matty was forced to sign up for (a less than adequate) health plan, but most of the bills fell under pre-existing conditions.The liver alone was $250,000!!  That of course didn’t include post-surgery weekly visits and 6 weeks of hospitalization, as well as his medications that run him $1000-2000 a month.
Prior to his transplant, Matty was in and out of the hospital with infections that only increased Matty’s bills further. Two weeks before his transplant Matty was again admitted to the hospital.  At first, when he was admitted, he was a 29 on the number chart (they rate the severity of your situation on a number chart of 1-40, anything 25 and above is in emergency zone)…within three days I was a 43!!!  He had surpassed the chart.  He was close to 300 lbs (in water weight) and most of his body was shutting down.
At the last minute, on January 19, he got a liver transplant. It was successful.
As soon as Matty could walk again he set his sights on getting his life back – family, tattooing, etc – but his hands were shaky and there was a chance he would never tattoo again.  After being denied physical therapy by the hospital, he started his own therapy and soon gained back control of his hands.  He started going on walks, up and down stairs, and after 2 months he was back to running.  Three months out and he is back to work full time, playing softball, hugging his family, and just being all around awesome.

So far everything is great and he us doing everything he can to stay healthy.The doctors are thrilled and amazed. That being said, Matty and his family have been financially crippled.

Needless to say, Matty is an incredibly strong person to have survived such an ordeal.   But he is also a caring, smart, creative, funny (I could go on) human being who needs our help.  Ask anyone and they only have wonderful things to say about him.  He has been dealt a rough blow, unfathomable to most of us.  I’m sure if we put ourselves in his position we would hope people would rally around in support as you are so. So thank you.

danielleJuly 17, 2010 - 2:02 pm

the photo should be up thanks burnes!

burnesJuly 17, 2010 - 11:24 am

The picture won’t load!

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